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Every restaurant is a trip

Voltereta is small chain of restaurants in which every location is unique and takes you to a different part of the world.
Following his early success, they trusted us with the development of their online presence and their restaurants' branding.
València based Voltereta Bali

Uniques, but united

Several graphic elements have been developed to represent and highlight the personality of each location.
All of them use the same visual language, thus generating a cohesive brand universe.
Click and drag! Original pic by Sebastian Pena Lambarri.

Generated ilustrations

Each image in black ink style has been computer generated from a photography.
This technique enables us to create new graphic assets quickly and efficiently.
Voltereta Casa, inspired in the Mediterranean sea  Web link
Voltereta Bali, based on Balinese culture  Web link

Menu design

Following the website aesthetic we developed the menu for Voltereta Bali.

Custom typography

We created a calligraphic font family to keep the travel diary inspiration from the original menu while improving the menu-updating process.