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Original and functional designs

Smallgran is a product design studio specialized in the creation of new functional concepts.

Daring and relatable

For the naming, we used a lively combination of Valencian and English, revealing the local approach with international aspiration of the studio.
The logotype presents a fresh and playful look that contrasts with the brands of traditional studios, ofter more formal and elegant. This way, the brand reflects the innovative and unconventional nature of the studio.

Full branding from scratch

Developed from its basic pillars, the brand has grown along the studio with news and distincts application that are created as they are required.

Web portfolio

Fully responsive, the website allows the user to discover all the projects of the studio, meet the team and contact them.

Art direction

For the promotion and publication of the designs, we exectued several photoshoots, all of them under a global art direction that allowed to showcase the different objects under the same unique style of the studio.

Products + Brand

Other materials that go along with the studio's products have also been developed. Labels, cards and packagings, all create a solid and cohesive brand universe.