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Reinventing the rules

Periquette is an emerging design furniture producer.
Its mission is to offer custom-made units to each client, at an affordable price and produced on demand in a sustainable way.

Periquette home

Reminiscing a birdhouse, the icon represents the home in a fun, original and friendly way.

Photography and art direction

Through the product's photograpy, we frame the brand in a fresh, dynamic and modern style.

Brand manual

To establish the brand, we have detailed its bases in the brand manual.
This way we ensure consistent use of the brand to enhance the impact and efficiency of its communication.

Web design and development

We've also developed the website, that currently introduces the brand and its products.
Very soon this website will become the platform where users will customize and purchase their products. También hemos desarrollado la web, que actualmente introduce la marca y sus productos.

Concept design

Sketches of posible products to extend the brand's catalogue in the near future.
Other materials related to the product such as packaging, assembly instructions, etc... are currently being developed.
For confidentiality reasons we can't show them here. Yet.