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Interior design with essence

Dau is an interior design studio located in La Vall d'Uixó that stands out for creating warm spaces where tradition and innovation merge.
After 14 years developing its activity, Dau wanted to step up the game and trusted us its rebranding with the aim of establishing a profesional identity that prepares the brand for growth.
Photograph by Antonio Sánchez Honrrubia

What's important is inside

The symbol explores the name's three letters, entirely design for the logo, transforming them into windows that reveal an interior room.
It represents quite literally the look inside to find th essence, a process that is what identifies the projects of the studio.
Before After        


All the materials that the client needs have been creating following a minimal aesthetic that lets the logo shine on its own.
Photographs by Antonio Sánchez Honrrubia

Logo on photograph

We've put special atention on the look of the logo on photographs, since these are the main media by which the studio showcases its work and, thus, it's its best weapon to attract new cients.