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A new way

Assekes is a young rock band that, after a successful first album, has decided to tackle its second release under a new brand with the potential to become an icon in the ska scene.
Photograph by Vicent Duart

Assekes, dried

The symbol of the new brand conceptualizes a crossed out drop in reference to the meaning of the name of the group, which in Valencian literally means dried but would be better translated as simply.
It is a versatile, easily representable, copyable and identifiable icon. Around which a fresh and casual brand is built to connect with the public and the music of the band.
For the logotype, we developed a personalized lettering to fit the new icon and serve to reinforce the band's style.
Fotografías de Vicent Duart

Un Nou Camí, the álbum

All the album art has been developed from concepts extracted from the band itself and the music contained in the album.
For the cover of the album, we rendered a digital 3D model of the new symbol as a neon sign.